Since 2015

We provide the best Engineering

Who We Are

Somali Geotechnical Engineering Group (SOMGEG)

Goes back to the year 2015. SOMGEG is a fast growing company for providing a complete solution for all type of geotechnical, surveying and drilling water around all over Somalia.   

  • To one the leading geotechnical Accredited Labs in the Somalia and in the field of Geo Technical Services ( Land and Marine)

Our vision is to be an exemplary quality control and quality assurance service and delivering suitable development through knowledge, 

Honesty and trust with ethical behavior, quality, high standards, integrity and professionalism.

Our Services

SOMGEG has a government Accredited soils and aggregate testing laboratory that provides geotechnical testing services for in-house and outside clients. Testing is conducted using the most up to date tests standards.

Our Projects

  • All
  • Overwater Drilling
  • Geotechnical Site Investigations
  • Allied Services
  • Environmental Drilling
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